About the Band

Belle Monroe and her Brewglass Boys have been laying it on the line for Bay Area bluegrass lovers for over a decade. While the band has a great appreciation for traditional bluegrass music, they don’t quite play it straight; they inject a bit of blues, a smidgen of swing, and a whole lot of fun and frenetic energy. Their repertoire includes original bluegrass and versions of popular classics that are distinctively ‘Brewglass’.

“Whether live or on CD, Belle Monroe and her Brewglass Boys are not just another Bill Monroe camp meeting, and that’s a good thing. A very good thing.” -José Segue, Hicks With Sticks

Belle and the Boys first got together in 1995 and the lineup has remained remarkably steady ever since. Belle Monroe leads the group with her powerful and sultry vocals and steady rhythm guitar playing. Ted Silverman plays mandolin, sings lead and harmony vocals, and writes many of the band’s original songs. Jordan Klein lights up the 5-string banjo, and also sings lead and harmony vocals. Tom Drohan’s strong thumping bass gives the group its distinctive Brewglass drive. Diana Greenberg, the prettiest Brewglass ‘boy’, shreds on the fiddle. Will Fourt joined the band in 2010, playing a sweet dobro and singing a few numbers.

“Anyone who is searching for bluegrass with a distinctive contemporary edge, the music of Belle Monroe and Her Brewglass Boys is sure to satisfy.” -Bluegrass Unlimited

Belle Monroe and her Brewglass Boys have been featured at all of the major bluegrass festivals in the west, including Wintergrass, Rockygrass, the California Bluegrass Association Father’s Day Festival, Strawberry Music Festival and the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival. They play regularly at the top bluegrass venues in the San Francisco Bay Area, including a monthly residency at Amnesia in San Francisco’s Mission District. They released their first album in 2007 (self-titled), and in April 2011 a second release, “Long Lonesome Day”. If you like hard-driving bluegrass infused with positive energy and heartfelt showmanship, then Belle Monroe and her Brewglass Boys will be just your pint of brew!